About Us

About us

Office Options (O2) is your search genie for any kind of office space requirements. It combines all the key analytics and parameters like city, nature of your business, budget, Big/small, open/cabin types and many more to select a right space for you out of hundreds/thousands of spaces available. This way you will be saving your time & energy in finding the most cost effective and credible office space for your use.

So no more endless searching on the internet for days / hours or meeting different property brokers every day. You may dedicate same time to work towards your vision as a start-up, self-employed professional, Big Company or a large corporation.

That’s not all, O2 Genie has a superb team of professionals (NOT MIDDLEMEN) coming from corporate hospitality background of managing global business centres, serviced offices , co-working spaces, entry to India assistance meeting global standards with cost advantage of brand India. Business scenarios show mercurial temperament these days of growth, may be less or stagnant sometimes. O2 empowers you to rework on your space requirements accordingly saving you from lock in period or lease agreement or any such drama done by conventional services.

Our consultants even help you to select the right office space by making you understand the correct office space categories as Co-Working, Serviced, Managed or Lean networked offices and then mapping the category with your requirements and growth vision.

That’s how O2 is your saviour in the business journey of making it Big.

Experience the best with O2

We know how to find your business the ideal space by providing you with the latest insights and best consulting in the industry.

Your Search Genie

A dedicated team that is staunch to find your Dream Workspace.

Your Bull & Bear Companion

Always on toes to find the Bull Space for you.

No Cost

Our guidance is complimentary, unbiased and comes with no compulsion.

No Middlemen

In your service, is a team of professionals from hospitality background.

You can Count on us

O2 helps you find 100% “Verified” & “Filtered” Work Spaces.

Office Options comes as a saviour for your quandary and makes the search even more interesting and less complicated.